I love to read. Most original opening sentence, I know. I read fiction, ya, dystopia, fantasy, romance, contemporary, erotica (kinda), adventure, horror, suspense (no crime/police detective/fbi crap) I absolutely adore hardcover books, i love to throw paperbacks in my bag though, easier to transport. I am definitely a cover snob. Unless it has amazing reviews i generally won't read a book with an awful cover (based off my opinion of the cover). I am not an English major, i don't have the best grammar (which i should work on, i know). If i review a book, judge my content not my grammar. i don't wanna know about it. I read books based off of my personal tastes and I may not read literary gems, but the books I read make an impact whether emotionally or spiritually etc. I love books, I love to read. Hopefully we'll like something in common. Reality is a prison, read a chapter before bed and it's a good day.